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What Can You Do to Further Psoriasis Research in Houston?

If you believe medical doctors and research scientists exclusively further research efforts for how to better treat, and hopefully cure psoriatic diseases, you’d be wrong.  Everyday people are important in driving the research for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis through a small, non-monetary deposit to a bank – a “BioBank,” that is.  The National Psoriasis BioBank is an invaluable resource helping psoriasis researchers; the bank collects DNA samples from a small sample of blood and cheek swab.  The BioBank collects samples from both psoriatic patients (“cases”) and patients without psoriatic disease (“controls”).  The donor’s privacy is protected through rigorous safeguards required by an institutional review board, and no one is able to match the sample to the donor.  The National Psoriasis BioBank is expected to be the largest collection of psoriasis DNA samples in the world.  Researchers need both case and control samples to analyze DNA and scrutinize the genetic differences between case and control groups.  This is one of the most important ways physicians and research scientists make progress in treating diseases like psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  Whether you have psoriasis and want to give a sample, or whether you do not but also wish to help by donating a sample, talk to us at your appointment, and/or visit the National Psoriasis Foundation’s web site and request to be screened to participate in the BioBank.  West Houston Dermatology, its physicians and healthcare staff are committed to treating not only our own psoriatic patients, but to such patients globally.  Please consider a BioBank donation or participating in other fund raising or donation opportunities for the National Psoriasis Foundation.