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What Is Broad Spectrum Sun Protection?

FDA’s new labeling requirements demanding sunscreen manufacturers to update the product information before the summer of 2012 include the term broad spectrum.  With all the changes, many consumers are confused about what this means.  The sun’s rays are composed of ultraviolet radiation across the A and B spectrum.  Ultraviolet (UV) A rays are not only the main cause of skin cancer, but also the main cause of premature skin aging.  UV B rays are the ones that can cause sunburn in cases of overexposure.  Broad-spectrum sunscreen means that the product protects against both types of UV radiation, so at the correct SPF (15 or higher) the sunscreen protects against both skin cancer and premature aging.  West Houston Dermatology wants their patients and the public to be aware of the new sunscreen standards and enjoy your summer vacations and activities.  For more information about protecting your skin from the risk of skin cancer, contact West Houston Dermatology today.