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What is PSOLAR and Why Should Psoriasis Patients Care?

For patients who cope with the day-to-day difficulties of chronic, severe psoriasis, keeping up with current research not only helps them better understand and manage their skin disease, but also to develop hope for the future.  In recent years, various biologics such as Remicade (either alone or in combination with other therapies) have taken center stage in psoriasis treatment.  With any medical treatment there are benefits and drawbacks that the patient (with the sound advice of his/her dermatologist) must make, and this is true of biologics.  PSOLAR stands for “Psoriasis Longitudinal Assessment and Registry”, and it is important to psoriasis patients because it is a database consisting of data collected over a series of years on about 4,000+ patients taking biologics for their psoriasis.  This is essentially a registry for patients taking biologics.  The intent is to measure safety outcomes for the treatment of psoriasis with biologics over a ten-year period.  PSOLAR is collecting data from both American and Canadian patients since approximately 70% of the global population that is treated with biologics resides in North America.