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What to Expect from a Cynosure’s Elite Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Using the Cynosure’s Elite laser hair removal system takes no time at all to get use to.  For our expertly staffed cosmetic dermatology team, the system is not difficult by any means, but it does take patience–especially over large areas.  The laser window is actually quite small, about the size of a dime.  If you want to make sure you cover the entire area you are treating, the application must including some overlapping.

Once the Cynosure’s Elite laser is fully charged, unlocked, and set to the level necessary, the apparatus is placed so that the laser window sits flat against the patient’s skin.  Should a topical anesthetic be necessary one will be applied prior to the laser hair removal treatment. The weight of the hand piece does most of the work.  Once the brace surrounding the laser is touching the skin, the system will beep once and immediately emit a pulse of light.  This is the actual laser pulse that deadens the hair follicle to retard its growth.  Once the laser pulse is complete, the laser hair removal system will beep a second time telling you that the pulse is complete.  The process is then repeated for the same location to make sure to attain full coverage.

Once the final beep sounds the cosmetic dermatologist knows the laser fired correctly and will move the headpiece to a new location.  The laser hair removal hand piece will be moved a small distance to overlap the previously treated area to be sure all of the hair follicles are treated.  Based on the side of the window, you’ll need to

The advantage of the Cynosure’s Elite laser hair removal system is that the treatments are quick and painless.  Together we will develop a pattern of treatment that is right for you.  Perhaps a vertical line over the treatment area, moving left to right or perhaps the grain of the hair works best with a horizontal motion or by blocking of sections.   Our staff at West Houston Dermatology, know the secrets to keeping a gentle pace that assures the client a smooth and relaxing session.