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What’s Wrong With My Baby’s Skin?


Hemangiomas are benign growths that are connected to the circulatory system.  In layman’s terms these birth marks are a collection of extra blood vessels under the skin that appear raised and very red. Hemangiomas are the most common birthmarks in newborns.  While not all hemangiomas present at the time of birth, they usually present very quickly within the first few weeks or months following birth, if they are to present at all.  Dermatologists do not know the precise cause of hemangiomas, but they are not thought to be genetically linked.  The appearance of hemangiomas on one’s child tend to alarm parents, but the good news is these growths self-resolve usually by the time the child is 9-10 years of age, and most do not cause any complications or require treatment.  While the growths increase in size rapidly between 1-6 months of age, there is usually significant shrinkage between 12-18 months of age.  Being a concerned parent is a good thing, and if you feel someone other than your child’s pediatrician should consult and evaluate your child’s birthmark, then contact a board certified dermatologist with experience evaluating and treating pediatric patients and their birthmarks.  Stephen Mahoney, M.D. is one of Houston’s most renowned dermatologists, and has experience with pediatrics.  He and his staff are noteworthy in going above and beyond the call of duty in caring for patients. Contact West Houston Dermatology Today for an appointment.