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Why Choose West Houston Dermatology for Laser Hair Removal?

Underam Laser Hair Removal

The US Food & Drug Administration classifies laser hair removal devices and pulsed light devices as prescription medical equipment, and the use of laser hair removal devices and pulsed light devices are governed by the federal government and the State of Texas.  The Houston area has hundreds of spas or facilities offering laser hair removal.  Recently the Texas Legislature enacted a new section to the Health & Safety Code regulating laser hair removal operators, facilities, and technicians.  Essentially the legislation promulgates who may operate a laser device, who may purchase a laser device, the application procedures for licensing facilities and training technicians.  Surprisingly, none of these new statutes apply to licensed physicians or their employees, and there is probably a good, common sense reason for that besides regulations in the Texas Occupations Code.  State consumer and health protection agencies likely did not receive a flood of complaints from patients who consulted a licensed physician for this medical treatment – meaning, the largest source of problems were with spas and medical spas.  This commentary is not designed to “bash” spas that perform laser hair removal, but to educate patients seeking this service.  A dermatologist is a physician whose specialty is treating conditions of the skin, hair and nails.  A board certified dermatologist, unlike a laser technician, received considerable education and training in treating, protecting, and caring for the skin – the body’s largest organ.  The medical professionals, including physicians, nurses and licensed aestheticians of West Houston Dermatology take care in screening patients seeking laser hair removal because not all patients are good candidates whether it’s the color of their hair or medical condition of their skin.  At West Houston Dermatology, the patient has the benefit of knowing that he/she will not be sold a treatment that is in appropriate for him/her.