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Beating the Heat to Quell Psoriasis

West Houston Dermatology wants you to know that psoriasis is often triggered by external factors that damage the skin like weather, stress, and severe sunburn.   Psoriasis is a persistent, inflammatory skin condition that can range from unnoticeably mild to severe psoriasis covering large portions of the body.  While the cause of this disease is still unknown, research indicates that there is a strong linkage to a very particular mix of genetics that affect the immune system response to illness and the environment.  T-cells become mistakenly activated by the immune system causing inflammation, resulting in the rapid growth and slough of skin cells and the appearance of a scaly raised rash.

This is just one reason why West Houston Dermatology wants Houstonians across the city to be aware of the condition of their skin health during the summer.  It’s a hot town during the summer in this city, and the heat has its effect on us all.  As outdoor activities increase, the chance of severe sunburn or other skin injury increase which could trigger the condition—even in individuals who have not experienced it before.  The same can be said for stress.  And as most Houstonians know, the stress of being stuck in traffic rush hour combined with the heat of June to August can be quite frustrating and near oppressive.

Simply stated, we are stressing that you be aware and in control as these potential triggers may increase the likelihood that the condition arise—especially for those that psoriasis runs in the family.  So be aware of the environmental conditions you place yourself in this summer and try and beat the heat.  Your skin will thank you and so will your dermatology Houston!