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Botox Sensationalism

Cosmetic dermatology in Houston might sound mundane to many, but there is a wild world of Botox.  Some stories never really disappear, especially if they imply an underlying negativity.  The one that I was reminded of this week was an instance in the news a couple of years ago, in which an unlicensed woman claiming to be an esthetician using Botox was illegally injecting extremely uniformed clients with rubber cement.  That’s right—rubber cement!  Does your skin need to be “re-glued” to your face?  Of course not.  It is an extreme, but that reading those types of stories that typify news coverage of the subject, do inadvertently cast a negative connotation on Botox.  Botox in Houston is popular because it has been used by millions since its clinical use more than 20 years ago.  Still because of oddities like this I the media, some people still feel that caution is in order.  After all it is a toxin, and who would want to be associated with something that others so desperately lie about.

Botox causes relaxation of muscles by interrupting the connection between the end of the nerve and the muscle in which it is inserted. The effect takes hold within a few days and the Botox is gone. The reason that it only lasts about 3-4 months is the time it takes the body to re-establish the connection.  A special protein produced by the body is recreated and rebuilds the nerve with no adverse effects.   This may not seem like a subtle distinction to our rouge esthetician, but it is more than a critically important difference.  If anything stories like these only prove the effectiveness of the product, and, sadly enough, the lengths at which some misguided individuals will go to for that youthful appearance.  Fortunately for you, West Houston Dermatology provides a safe, affordable, and individualized injection for their clients administered by licensed physicians and clinical assistants.   Trust us, we aren’t some band of mad scientists, we are the premiere facility for cosmetic dermatology in Houston.