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Declaration Against Melanoma and Skin Cancer

We the people…in order to stay cancer free, commit to sun protection this 4th of July.  Fireworks are a sign of our national pride in celebration of our independence.  So are the traditions of all-day sporting, grilling, and spending time with family and friends. These activities are bound to set the festivities off early and carry Houstonians, well into the weekend.  We have had a preview of the heat and solar intensity in June.  While these outdoor events are routine, for dermatology, Houston needs to remember that sun exposure and harmful ultraviolet rays are a serious risk factor for skin cancers.

According to the CDC, non-melanoma skin cancers such as squamous cell carcinoma are directly linked to chronic sun exposure over a continuous period of time.  Those that work in some form outdoors regularly are more likely to develop this type of cancer.    Melanoma and other forms of skin cancers have been linked to intermittent ultra violet exposure.  In other words, the recreational and leisure time spent opens the individual to more risk than one might think.

Common misconceptions abound regarding skin care in dermatology.  Houston citizens who are spending enough time, or are unprotected to the point that sunburn could develop, could be placing themselves at risk.  This type of exposure not only affects the skin health for the moment, but also culminates as the cellular damage is compounded which can lead to skin cancers like melanoma.  UV rays show no mercy and do not distinguish skin color.  Regardless of the actual tone of your skin, fair to dark, all are at risk and everyone needs to protect themselves from harmful UV rays.

The important issue is to avoid prolonged, unprotected, sun exposure over time.  We are bound to see some amazing fireworks this 4th, so join West Houston Dermatology and make it a declaration.  It is not just your cosmetic dermatology in Houston at stake—it is America’s health.  Protect yourself from those harmful UV rays and enjoy the fireworks!