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Laser Hair Removal for Everyone?

Dermatologists have known for years about affordable and proven clinical methods of hair removal, but many of our clients in Houston are just now discovering their options. When most people think about the treatment they receive from their dermatologist, they typically gravitate to thoughts of vitiligo, psoriasis, rosacea, or skin cancer. However, with the advancement of cosmetic procedures, we have perfected new processes with more aesthetic benefits that are just as important to so many. We offer cosmetic procedures like Botox or laser hair removal as a benefit to improving your skin health and giving you the confidence you’ve always wanted. Procedures like laser hair removal are not at all as complicated as less successful plastic surgery operations aimed at the same cosmetic results. In the case of laser hair removal, it has become dramatically more economical in recent years with the advancement of technology. However, is Laser Hair Removal for everyone? Let’s take a few minutes and address some issues that might be on your mind.

Who should consider laser hair removal as an option?

People who suffer from abnormal hair growth—a condition known as Hirsutism—are primary candidates, but generally any individual concerned or self-conscious of unattractive hair growth somewhere on their body is also applicable. Given that the condition of over developed active follicles were traditionally only considered a cosmetic issue for women, the treatment was rarer for men in the past. But through the popularization of the technology and the level of affordability due to supply and demand, we’ve seen the procedure exceed in assisting both men and women with excessive hair growth. For women we are referring to patients with coarser, darker hair easily distinguished from the lighter “peach fuzz”. These active hair follicles that can be found abnormally on female’s the upper lip, the face and neck, or chest and arms. For men dealing with this condition, excessive hair on their neck and shoulders, could consider laser and light-based hair reduction treatments as an effective and long-term solution to treat unwanted hair. The treatment is not only limited to those with chronic hirsutism. For some seeking to achieve a certain “look” or professional athletes seeking to keep that edge in their performance might also benefit from the procedure.

Does the laser hurt or leave scars?

A laser light pulse may feel like a slight sting of a quick pinch that pulsates just over the skin. The procedure is easily tolerated and no local anesthesia is required. For people with very sensitive skin, a prescription topical anesthetic can be provided. Scarring will not occur. Mild side effects may occur but are uncommon. In these rare circumstances, a temporary reddening of the treated area and possible light swelling will dissipate in a few hours.

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If you are suffering from self-conscious embarrassment of unsightly hair on the chest, face and neck, or back…or maybe focused on achieving a particular “look”…if you’re wanting a real option to the tedious wax sessions and harsh chemicals, performed by medically trained professionals based on proven clinical results superior to previous methods, then call to schedule a consultation with West Houston Dermatology.