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The hot Houston summer is here, and many of you are seeking a golden brown tan.  If you think modern tanning beds and booths are safe, think again!  No matter what the salon tells you, tanning beds and booths do not produce a safe tan.  Whether you get a tan at the pool, through incidental […]

Flawless skin is beautiful, and each year Houstonians spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve its appearance, whether the skin is marred by past sun damage or by conditions we cannot help.  A simple procedure to improve flaws such as brown spots, age spots, rosacea, enlarged pores, dull complexion, or broken capillaries is a […]

Though photo facials are performed using an Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL), patients considering photo facial treatment should not be concerned about pain or discomfort.  At West Houston Dermatology Dr. Stephen Mahoney and his physician assistant staff first cleans the face and apply a numbing gel.  This numbing gel sits for about 20 minutes to effectively […]

In Houston, Botox is the most popular physician administered aesthetic procedure for a reason – it works, and it does so quickly.  Patients begin to see results within 3-5 days following treatment.  In fact, 11 million men and women have undergone Botox treatment.  Dr. Stephen Mahoney of West Houston Dermatology sometimes recommends Botox for patients […]

Botox is a super way for Houston area men and women to address the signs of premature aging caused by frown lines between the brows.  These lines make some people look angry, unapproachable, or unpleasant even if that isn’t the desired expression.  Think of the skin as a piece of paper.  After folding the paper […]

Deciding whether or not to get Botox is something to discuss with your doctor.   In Houston there are “spas” offering Botox to the public, and you should be cautious of those offering Botox injections by anyone other than a licensed physician qualified to administer Botox.  Botox is a prescription drug that should only be administered […]

Are you tired for your 11’s?  You know, the vertical lines between your eyebrows?  These are called glabellar lines.  Though these lines make you look older or angry, the good news is that Houston cosmetic dermatologist Stephen Mahoney, M.D., can alleviate the problem with a simple, quick procedure that requires no downtime.  Botox is an […]

Summer has arrived Houston, and that means breaking out the bathing suits and shorts.  If you find yourself wondering “Did I shave?” or “When did I last wax?” then it’s time to consider laser hair removal.  Modern technology provides men and women with an alternative to shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and electrolysis for removing unwanted […]

At West Houston Dermatology Dr. Stephen Mahoney uses the Candela Gentlelase hair removal laser, which is a widely used and trusted laser for hair removal.  Before the procedure, the physician assistant applies a numbing agent on the area to be treated.  Once treatment begins, light energy is emitted from a hand piece.  This energy safely […]

My name is Shannon and turning 39 (for the second time) in six months. When I’m not spending time with family and friends, I work as a solo practitioner attorney. So, my job promotes being sedentary most of the day. I work out 4 days a week doing cardio for an hour, and twice a […]

West Houston Dermatology is a top skin care clinic in Houston because of the excellent treatment provided by Dr. Stephen Mahoney, his nurse practitioners, and licensed aestheticians.  Whether you are looking to learn about cosmetic dermatology, the best skin care products, or medical dermatology, the professionals at West Houston Dermatology are here to assist you […]

Though psoriasis is a common skin condition, it’s an annoying one to the patient because it causes skin redness and irritation.  Some patient’s skin looks thick and red with flaky patches (sometimes silver) called scales.  Psoriasis usually first appears in patients between the ages of 15 and 35 years of age.  This is a genetic […]